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When constructing a new building, attention to the foundation, materials, and electrical is essential. However, efficient wastewater management through a well-designed septic system is equally crucial but often overlooked. This is where Steeltooth Contracting shines as Barrie and Central Ontario’s premier septic system repair and installation contractors. Learn more about our approach on our Septic Services page.

Septic Tank Installation and Design

Why Choose Us?

Steeltooth Contracting stands out for our dedication, experience, and expertise in handling both simple and complex septic projects. Discover why we’re your best choice on our About Us page.

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of dedicated service, we have mastered the intricacies of septic system design, installation, and repair.
  • Efficiency in Permit Acquisition: We navigate the bureaucratic hurdles so you don’t have to. Our established relationships and expert handling of paperwork fast-track permit approvals.
  • Custom Solutions for Every Property: Recognizing the unique challenges of each site, we offer tailored septic solutions. See examples of our custom solutions at our Portfolio page.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our quotes are comprehensive, with no hidden fees, ensuring you get cost-effective solutions.

Septic System Design Explained

A septic system’s design involves careful consideration of several factors to ensure efficiency, longevity, and compliance with local regulations.

Site Evaluation: We start with a thorough assessment of your property to determine the best system type for your specific needs.
System Type Selection: Based on the evaluation, we recommend the most suitable system—be it a conventional, mound, sand filter, or an alternative system.

Capacity Planning: Calculating the right size for your septic tank and drainage field is crucial.
Environmental Compliance: Our designs comply with local health and environmental regulations.

For more on permit processes and environmental standards in Ontario, you can visit the Ontario Building Code and Environment and Climate Change Canada websites. For specific regulations and guidance related to septic systems in Ontario, consult the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Our Services

Fast & Reliable Septic System Design & Installation: From the initial design to securing permits and executing the installation, we ensure swift, compliant completion.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to ensure your building’s foundation includes an optimal septic system? Contact Steeltooth Contracting today. We’re excited to provide you with a solution that lasts a lifetime, supports environmental sustainability, and offers peace of mind.

Choose Steeltooth Contracting for a septic system that stands the test of time, backed by a team committed to excellence and customer satisfaction in Barrie and Central Ontario.

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